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Scott Guerin

My name is Scott Guerin and I am a Certified Executive Chef and lifelong lover of all things food. After working in professional kitchens for 10 years I found I had a passion for education. My goal is to show everyone how simple cooking can be.

My career started as many do in the food industry; Dishwasher, short order cook, Ice cream scooper. All of these jobs are valuable in creating a strong work ethic. I graduated from Atlantic Culinary Academy in 2006. I was mentored by Chef Joshua Willett, who had spent his entire career traveling the world working for as many michelin star rated chefs as he could. It was here I learned the importance of finesse when cooking. This education I was given turned into a need; not only to learn as much as I could, but to become an educator. After my tenure in the kitchen, I set my sights on teaching. First as an night school/summer school culinary teacher, Then as College Culinary instructor for Le Cordon Bleu. But I wanted to reach a larger audience.

As a research chef at Modernist Pantry, I am given the ability to learn on a daily basis, then turn around and apply or teach those techniques. The ability to fail is not something that is warmly welcome in the food industry. A good quote I once heard was “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.” If I practice a poorly written recipe a million times I will end up with a permanent misunderstanding of how to do something. But if I think I’ve found the best technique, and the next day someone shows me something to make it better. You better believe I’m changing my technique. I want to take this idea and allow people the opportunity to not fear failure in their kitchens. I honestly believe; the more you understand, the less you fear.

So, with that being said come along with me as we take this journey into the deep, dark, and dense forest known as modernist cooking. I’ll do my best to shed light upon even the most intimidating portions for you.