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Chef Aldo and Me

Cuisine University specializes in Food and Beverage courses such as Charcuterie, Sous Vide, Pizza, Coffee, Mixology, Bread, Modernist Cooking and Chifa/Nikkei Cuisines. Classes are open to Chefs, Butchers, Restaurant Managers/Owners and Food Enthusiasts. Our classes are held in various locations throughout the United States.  Cuisine U class instructors our known to be experts in the disciplines they teach.  

History of Cuisine University

The idea of Cuisine U, formally known as Cured Cuisine, began in 2012. I, Vic Rose, Founder and Creator of Cuisine University, always had a passion for food since my days of cooking at Detroit’s finer restaurants back in the 70’s, at The Great Dane, Duglass Duglass, and Aldo’s.
During my time Aldo’s in the 70’s I had the opportunity to work with Master Butcher Aldo Ottavani. Chef Aldo was making charcuterie at this restaurant back in the late 50’s. I began as a line cook where Chef Aldo started teaching me how to prepare traditional Italian dishes. Chef Aldo wanted me stay at his restaurant so he could teach me the the art of charcuterie and eventually take over Aldo’s when he retired. However, I was young and foolish and wanted sun and fun…I soon moved to Florida.

That turned out to be an unfortunate decision on my part. Little did I know in the 70’s, such a thing as the Food Network would come along and make rock stars out of chefs.

When deciding to start marketing cooking classes, my memory of Chef Aldo led me to focus on charcuterie. When seeking out an instructor, I chose Chef Brian Polcyn after meeting Brian at the Taste Of The NFL and because his book Charcuterie, renewed the interest of charcuterie in America. Plus, Chef Polcyn was also from Detroit, so we had a connection because Chef Polcyn knew Chef Aldo, Chef Grech and Chef Breithaupt, who I had worked under.

Doing Charcuterie classes was my way of honoring Chef Aldo, who I admired and respected. For 6 years, Chef Polcyn and I traveled the country supporting Chef Polcyn’s efforts of keeping the art of charcuterie alive and well in America. Recently, Chef Polcyn decided to work with his youngest son, on doing charcuterie classes. I want to thank Chef Polcyn for 6 great years and wish him and Dylan the best.

In 2018, I began working with Chef Craig Diehl, who is also very skilled in butchery and charcuterie. Craig was just selected to the US Butchery Team, who will compete in the World Championships in Ireland on March, 2018.

Finally….an elevated class but spoken in basic chef language. Thank you so much Vic and Chef Polcyn for such informative, fun and flavorful class!!!. I can’t wait until the advanced class comes around! Don’t even hesitate to sign up ASAP for the class. You will be left behind in the food scene if you don’t.
Chef E Wiggins, Denver
The class was great! Thanks to you and Brian for the education, it was also nice to have you in our operation.
Eric Dreyer - Chef de Cuisine, Fearings, Dallas
“Chef: I know you are busy so don’t feel the need to respond. I just wanted to thank you for the class this past week. It was very informative and your passion for charcuterie is contagious. I am really glad I went. It’s funny as a chef you are always searching for inspiration. It’s really the only thing that keeps things evolving. Thanks to you, I’ve found some.
Chef Clay C.” Buccan
Chef Polcyn- Back at work after your two day Charcuterie class in Atlanta. I’m chomping at the bit to try some of the techniques and tips that I learned. I really appreciated your knowledge and “no-nonsense” approach to your craft. It was quite remarkable that we took a whole pig and used every bit to create 20 or so different items in two days. Thanks again for keeping this craft alive! You have another convert. Pinch/pinch/twist. Once/twice/three ties a sausage.
John York/Belle Meade CC - Chattanooga
Hi Vic, You are to be rewarded for getting all these classes together! You have done a great job and everything ran so smoothly. I am thankful I got to take the class and what a warrior you have to work with!!!!!! Chef B. is a fabulous teacher and what a plethora of knowledge. Everyone there was glued to that boning knife. The passing of knowledge is invaluable. Thanks to both of you for coming to Nashville and bringing on the sausage!!!! Here’s to the PIG!!!!
Deb Paquette - Etch - Nashville
Vic, great class, the hands on learning was invaluable. Brian is a very gifted teacher. Thanks for the pic’s.
Gerry Klaskala - Aria - Atlanta, GA